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Dr. Stephanie Shelburne

Mind and Body Medicine, Ph.D. 
Holistic Nutrition, Nh.D.
I am a MindBody Medicine Specialist, Educator, Writer, and Researcher, with over 25 years in the field of Integrative Health.


I am passionate about helping individuals and organizations alike, find their unique path to mind, body, spirit, and soul health and well-being. Through a unique blending of science and the sacred, we explore the sustainable and practical application of evidence-based holistic practices with soul medicine, ancestral wisdom, and traditional dietary and lifestyle influences, for optimal wellness within our modern world setting. 

My Approach

As your facilitator, guide, teacher, and structure of support, I draw from my AREAS OF EXPERTISE to help you deepen, grow, transform, and flourish as you navigate a deeper inquiry into your whole self, including the ways in which you influence and are influenced by the world around you. These are the three main tools I rely on:

  • CURIOSITY - I believe curiosity is one of the most powerful tools you possess for optimal well-being. When you are curious, your nervous system does some pretty amazing stuff, not least protect you against depression, anxiety, and even, believe it or not, things like indigestion. If you are able to be curious about your road to wellness, even when you are struggling or suffering, you can make huge inroads towards health and healing. 

  • SCIENCE - My experience with true scientific methodology invites openness, curiosity, and unbiased exploration, all of which are the very mindsets required for optimal wellness. Being completely fascinated with the impact of food, eating, movement, and emotion on the structure and function of the nervous system, I put my investigative hat on and together you and I find your unique road to wellness. 

  • SACRED - Exploring the Sacred, discovering what is meaningful and nourishing to the Soul, are essential components of wellness. When you practice cultivating the sacred, you are able to take the world in stride in greater love and compassion and mend/heal your body, mind, spirit, and soul. 


Empower Growth

​The journey of wellness typically requires commitment and a gentle discipline. It takes roughly 60-90 days for rewired neural networks to begin firing together and solidify into new and lasting patterns of wellness. Because of this, I ask my client/students to commit to a 10-week unfolding, with our first session free of charge to make sure the journey feels simpatico and beneficial. 

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