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Dr. Stephanie Shelburne

Mind and Body Medicine, Ph.D. 
Holistic Nutrition, Nh.D.
I am a MindBody Medicine Specialist, Educator, Writer, and Researcher, with over 25 years in the field of Integrative Health.


I am passionate about helping individuals and organizations alike, find their unique path to mind, body, spirit, and soul health and well-being. Through a unique blending of science and the sacred, we explore the sustainable and practical application of evidence-based holistic practices with soul medicine, ancestral wisdom, and traditional dietary and lifestyle influences, for optimal wellness within our modern world setting. 

Areas of Expertise

MindBody Medicine, Integrative Health, NeuroAlchemy, Spontaneous Transformation, Ayurveda, and more...

As a practicing MindBody Medicine Doctor, I have dedicated my career to empowering individuals to take an active role in their well-being. Consultations emphasize the importance of nervous system management, functional nutrition, embodied movement, and soulful pursuits as active components to achieving and maintaining optimal health. Grounded in belief in the body's innate ability to heal, you will be guided on your own unique journey toward balance and vitality.

As a holistic healer and advocate for integrative medicine, I strive to make significant contributions to the evolving landscape of healthcare, inspiring individuals to embrace a holistic approach to wellness and live their lives in harmony with the principles of both modern science and ancient wisdom.



Science can be very cool and amazing!

There I said it. I admit it. I'm fascinated by the scientific world and I love conducting research.

As much as I am equally devoted to intuition and spiritual pursuits, I have an analytical mind that revels in exploring hypotheses, gathering data, and testing results.

In truth I come by it honestly, all those days as a kid asking "why", "how come", and then stating "well it could happen", created the perfect environment for being stimulated and inspired by discovery.

What I love most about scientific pursuits is the necessity to remain curious. True scientific methodology invites openness, curiosity, and unbiased exploration, all of which are the very mindsets required for optimal wellness. 

The Sacred

Meaningfulness as a critical element of vitality!
Exploring the Sacred, discovering what is meaningful, nourishing the Soul, are often overlooked components of wellness.  It is through these realms that we are able to cultivate deep connection, intuitive capacity, and a sense of place and belonging to the natural world. 
All the science in the world cannot bridge the gap to the domain of soul and spirit. Try as we might, researchers, scientists, and linear thinkers are at a loss to explain the mechanisms involved in deciding what feeds the soul and spirit, and yet, we know that without a shadow of a doubt, when elements of soulfulness and spirituality are left out of the equation of health and well-being, there is something critical missing. Cultivating the Sacred becomes an important part of our work together. 
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