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Hello and Welcome

I'm Dr. Stephanie Shelburne. I am a MindBody Medicine Specialist, Researcher, and Educator. Though my practice is now based in Vermont, thanks to modern technology, my client base and course offerings extend worldwide.

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My Story

This section always feels challenging... I’m left wondering what I can tell you about me in just a few short sentences that will feel inspirational, instill trust, and invite curiosity about the process of our work together? I have worked with clients and students all over the world; both as individuals and as organizations. I have had, and continue to have, the privilege of creating and teaching courses like Narrative Medicine, Holistic Nutrition, Spirituality and Health, and other eating behavior related courses for several Colleges and Universities in the U.S; both graduate and undergraduate. As a lover of learning, I have many degrees, certificates, and other forms of verified education and training, as well as, time with spiritual leaders, gurus, guides, shamans, and elders to deepen my intuitive nature and wisdom. Curiosity and a deep commitment to harmony within the heart and soul have led me down many paths and meandering roads, all leading to deeper and more intricate ways of knowing self, soul, and the multidimensional world. 

My research interests are vast and varied, but always centered on the depth of human well-being and what it takes to generate a harmonious relationship with not only ourselves but the rest of the world, both human and non-human. Some of the latest inquiries are the energetic principles of relationship, regenerative well-being, trauma and diet, resilience, and how whether or not reclaiming cultural wisdom impacts our well-being.

I believe what sets me apart from many practitioners is my passion for blending science and the sacred. Soul and Spirit are inextricably linked to our mind and body, living a well life depends on the harmonious integration of all parts of your self.

Science Geek Version: 

Everything you eat and drink, the emotions you experience, the way you move or do not move your body, all have an impact on the chemical balance of your body. Poor dietary choices can contribute things like depression, anxiety, aggression, apathy, chronic pain as well as contributing to chronic and acute disease. Lack of movement can do the same thing, as can chronic emotional upheaval.

We all know that we should eat well, get exercise, and think happy thoughts.... unfortunately, as you already know it's just not that easy. Your biochemical response to food, movement, your thoughts, and even your dreams is as unique to you as your fingerprint. That's where I come in...being completely fascinated by the impact of food, eating, movement, and emotion on the structure and function of the nervous system, I put on my investigative hat and together you and I find your unique road to wellness. 

Longer Version:

You and I both know that usually the most challenging journey is the one back to our true and vibrant selves. Half of the time, for much of our lives, most of us don’t even know what that means or for that matter, that it even exists!

So, in truth it’s my deepest desire to help you cultivate the most important relationship you will ever be in; the one with yourself. Why? Because it is my absolute firm belief based on experience and education that when you know who you are; you are happier, more resilient, able to be more curious and experience each day as a new adventure.

When you know who you are, you are able to take the world in stride with greater love and compassion and mend/heal your body, mind, spirit, and soul. The truth is sometimes we need help seeing who we really are, learning what we really like and want, standing up for what we need...and embracing our soul potential. 

The other truth is sometimes all we need is just need a little nudge figuring out how and what to eat or how to get through a current situation! Either way, I’m here.

Yes, I have degrees and certificates. I am very qualified from an educational point of view to provide a wide variety of interventions. I also have my own experiences that I have moved through and healed: allowing me to become more vibrant day by day.  I'm a lifetime student, always learning what I can about the human condition; about alleviating suffering; about creating a vibrant life. Some of that learning has been from experience and some of that learning has been in Universities. 

I look forward to transforming with you!


Stone Lions Farm

Stamford, VT 05352


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