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What are you feeding your body, mind, and spirit? 

healthy eating

Dietary Health relies on so much more than simply taking in the key amount of nutrients; it involves being conscious of all the steps involved in nourishing ourselves. 

The act of healthy eating includes what we eat in the form of nutrients, as well as our emotional state when we are eating, the environment in which we are eating, and even the manner in which the food has been prepared.

The exact same meal can be metabolized and assimilated in a variety of different ways, both beneficial and not beneficial, based on how it was prepared, the frame of mind when eating, what time of day, and even with whom you might be sharing that meal.

The very foundation of dietary health depends also on how well you are able to digest your food. The strength of your digestion determines how well nutrients will be absorbed, assimilated, and eliminated.

Digestion, Metabolism, and Your Microbiome

In Ayurvedic Nutrition we focus on the health and strength of your digestion, exploring ways to ensure that your digestive fire burns bright and true.

Metabolism is a word that gets quite a bit of airtime and I frequently have clients ask me how to boost their metabolism. Metabolism balance is an entire process of living and eating. Healthy digestion and gut health are the key players in metabolic wellness.

While exploring digestive strength, we also want to explore the diversity of your microbiome. Your microbiome is basically a vast array of micro-organisms that call your gut and your body home. Diversity and harmony within your gut go a long way towards vitality and wellness.

Your microbiome not only strengthens your digestion and balances your metabolism, but it also plays a critical biochemical role for your entire self. Research shows that gut imbalance can contribute to, if not cause, mental health issues like, depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsivity, and more.

Your microbiome is also a critical player in reproductive health and immune function. For women, balance is especially critical, having a very specific micro-biotic colony called the estrobolome, which is instrumental in the management of hormones.

Your Body Type and the Six Tastes

Ayurvedic nutrition developing an understanding of your own body type and then identifying your best dietary choices, including eating behaviors as well as best nutrient loads. Rather than relying on supplements or manufactured foods for quick attempts to re-balance, Ayurveda focuses on using herbs and spices to enhance the phytonutrient quality of foods.  

Additionally, Ayurveda meals attempt to ensure that the six tastes, sweet, salty, astringent, pungent, sour, bitter are included on your plate. Including these six tastes will assist your specific body type in the experience of dietary balance and enhance satiety and satisfaction, which in turn contributes to enhanced energy and mood.

Want to know more about how to balance your metabolism and microbiome, enhance your digestion, and improve your mood? Schedule a one-to-one session or sign up for one of my courses or workshops.

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