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Small Group Work

small group of women

Want to change your mood, your body, your life? Tired of trying on your own?
Join a Small Group Session!

I especially love working with small groups. When people come together with a shared intention and willingness to be authentic and explore deeply the possibilities of health and well-being, the results are powerful. 


Small groups encourage active involvement and support as each member finds their unique path to wellness. 

Research demonstrates that individual intention amplifies within a group setting. Whether you gather a small group of friends or colleagues together or join a small group workshop, the power of group support is undeniable.


From a practical perspective, small group work can help make growth and transformation more financially accessible.  


Whether you are interested in transforming your life through feeding yourself well, reconnecting with your soul, or cultivating a healthier lifestyle, participating in a small group can increase your chances of success exponentially.

Check out the event calendar and workshop schedule for opportunities to change your life through the power of group focus and intention. 


Don't want to wait for a class or workshop? Gather some trusted friends or colleagues and create your own transformative group.

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