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Where Will Your Next Breath Take You?

exploring fields of influence

When I first decided to go to college, I was drawn to study a blend of psychology and religious studies. I wanted to understand not only the human mind but also the human spirit and soul. My early years were spent immersing myself in comparative studies of the texts of major world religions alongside the foundational principles of psychology.

It did not take long for me to realize my deep attraction to mysticism, contemplative practice, and the deeper workings of the soul. I felt a profound longing to understand and deepen my connection with the Cosmos, Spirit, God—whatever term resonated for this Unbearable Longing I felt.

Meditation and other contemplative arts became my passion. One of my teachers described this fervor as “running towards the water with your hair on fire.” This is the passion of a mystic.

The Paradox of Being

One practice that often left me perplexed was the idea that in each moment, we are Buddha/Not Buddha, Christ/Not Christ, etc. With each breath, we can choose which state we embody. Initially, I resisted this idea. How could I, an imperfect human with all the trappings and dramas that accompany me, assume that in simply a breath, I could be a Master?

But I kept practicing, desiring, studying.

The Quantum Leap

Then, while working on my advanced degrees, I was introduced to the world of quantum physics, subtle energy science, and bioenergetics, and my world burst open. I voraciously continued my studies, deepening, broadening, practicing.

I now cognitively understand how, in simply a breath or a shift of perspective, I can match the resonant field of the Spiritual Masters of all time.

I use the phrase “cognitively understand” because the knowing of a thing is not the same as the doing or being of a thing.

I am human, and all the drama and trappings of human experience accompany me in every breath, whether that breath is human foible or spiritual mastery.

Fields of Influence

In the world of subtle energy, we understand these experiences in relation to the idea of “fields.” Fields are defined as non-material regions of influence. Gravity is a good example of a field of influence. So is the signal that your cell phone uses. When people tell me they don’t believe in subtle energy or phenomena like distance healing or non-local influence, I ask them if they believe their cell phone can contact someone anywhere in the world if they have the number and a signal. In a broad-spectrum way, it’s very much the same principle.

Spiritual mastery exists within a particular field of influence. It can be accessed by tuning one’s own field to that field. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

Sure, until we realize that every emotion is a field of influence, and our vibrational fingerprint, while unique to each of us, is also influenced by history, memory, and society.

On a regular basis, we are socially encouraged to live in the fields of aggression, isolation, violence, disconnect, insult, and so on. It is not easy to pull ourselves away from the world and attempt to tap into and entrain with other fields.

The Power of Practice

This is where the practice of meditation, contemplation, and even breathwork become invaluable. Just a few minutes a day of focusing on a more desirable experience or field of influence can make a significant difference in our well-being and our spiritual mastery.

Consider this an invitation to explore your fields of influence. In each breath, where do you want to be?


The beauty of the subtle energy science as well as a spiritual path lies in its complexity and simplicity. Each breath offers a choice, each moment a new opportunity. By understanding and harnessing the power of fields of influence, we can elevate our vibrational quality and enrich our lives. Take a moment today to breathe deeply and feel the connection to something greater.

Where will your next breath take you?

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06 de jul.

I am now ready. It has taken me 20 years. How do we start?

Dr. Stephanie Shelburne
Dr. Stephanie Shelburne
06 de jul.
Respondendo a

Ah! There you are. (: We start by connecting. Perhaps with an email to begin the way?

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